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mohammed majeed asked 3 years ago

Kindly need some technical help for this issue ;
we have fingerprint devices"Finger Tec AC900" without wifi or wireless just (TCP/ IP port) for direct connect only , those has been installed in a different work locations (Different areas) and the main office (management desk) is at another place .. whatever, we have troubles when we want to get or collecting the data or monitoring and control by single admin PC in management desk , so we need to connect all by some way !! .. please advice us what we have to do with this situation what's the appropriate options to connecting all devices to one program ?!!.
Thanks for your help,Waiting your response please..

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Mohammed. Thanks for only posting your question once this time.

My initial suggestion is to establish a vpn connection between the two offices. This puts all computers on the same network. If that’s not an option, my second suggestion would be to have a server at the second location for the management and remote into that server when collecting your data. Is it possible to export and import in the management software? If so, this would be the easier option.

mohammed majeed answered 3 years ago

Thank you so much wimiadmin for your help, but can you kindly clarify what do you mean of "server" ?!! if we have many fingerprint devices in different places (different routers and service source) and just a single managment office !!

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

By server, I mean the admin PC Management Desk you mention that manages all of the devices. You may need to set up two of in each location.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, Mohammed.
I gather from your posts that you're not an I.T. professional?  Based on that, you need to learn some basics about the TCP/IP communications protocol.  Without explaining why it works this way, you need to understand that IP addresses are (basically) two types.  Let's call them internal and external.
Internal addresses don't communicate from one office to another unless those offices are physically wired together.  Two locations that aren't wired together need two external IP addresses.  When you browse the Web (like this Q&A), a piece of equipment "translates" your internal IP address to an external one, and sort of "remembers" your connection so that it can send you the response from that other site.
There are multiple ways to do this.  You can join all the offices together in what's called a virtual private network, VPN for short.  Then each office can talk to each other office using internal IP addresses.  There are other services like this, MPLS and others.  If you configure your offices into one of these services, and if you configure each office with a set of unique IP addresses, then you should be able to connect to the fingerprint scanners.
You might also try using something called Network Address Translation (NAT, for short).  Also known as port forwarding.
These aren't very difficult, but they are a LOT easier if you hire an I.T. professional.  Since we're talking about several offices, I think that's what you need.

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