Please help newbie – re assigned isp static ip setup

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lollylegs asked 3 years ago

Hi Folks
I have searched and searched for simple answer to my question to no avail and then I came across your forum and by looking at some threads I think I may get the help I need. 🙂

What I want to do:
Is setup a webhosting service on my machine to host friends & families websites.

I have been assigned a static public ip by my isp.

My question how to configure it - at the moment if I put that into the browser I get my router.

At the moment my Dlink 502T is set up DHCP.

I know how to setup static local and how to port forward, but when I deselect DHPC to make external ip static I can't connect to internet.

Another question which DNS servers do I use
ifconfig sample

internet address

OR 🙂

My Ip
or Prime DNS
Second DNS

What is worse I changed from windows to linux (which I love) but am still finding my way around the different file and directory system.

I would appreciate any help because I ran my ISP and as usual everything is outsourced and I could hardly understand a word he said and from the little I could he had no idea. 😕

Marea (lollylegs)

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Setting your IP static, followed with the question "Which DNS servers should I use" kinda explains to me why you can't get to the web after you do that.

1st things 1st, find the local IP of your machine that has the web server running, and access it from another local machine just by typing it into your web browser (http://localip)... if it doesn't work then, you have a problem at the server.

If it does work, you should simply be able to forward port 80 to that IP in the router to get it from the outside.

Now, if you still have DHCP running, you (as you likely already know) run the risk of the IP of that server box changing. You can set it static as you tried, or do a DHCP reservation in the router. If you choose to set it static... go to start > run > and type "ipconfig/all" and record ALL that info. Use the DNS server(s) from there.

IF you want to do a DHCP reservation, you can do it right in your router's settings according to the manual for that model:

Look at page 41. Your web server should show up in the DHCP client list. Get the current IP and MAC (it shows up as "Physical Address" under ipconfig/all) and put it in the "Static IP Assignment" table. Once this is done, your router will simply always assign the same IP to your server w/o you having to set it static on the server.

Keep us posted with your results....

By the way, when I go to I get nothin'...

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