please help me who ever can with my camera

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ezraavidan asked 3 years ago

i have a retail store and i have cable vision modem which is connected to my linksyss router E2000. i have a 16 channel dvd that is connected to the router through a ethernet cable. what i need help with is setting up my dvr with the router so i can view my camera on my iPhone app and on an internet browser. I've been reading articles on port forwarding but not sure how to move forward. i do have access to my dvr and its network configuration i can enter the info manually but i don't know what to enter. its asking me for the ip address i don't know which one and the subnet and gateway and dns server 1 and 2 and the port number. so please help thanks you

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ezraavidan.

You can get the information you need for IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc. by going to a command prompt on your computer and typing "ipconfig /all", hit enter and the info you want will be displayed except that you need to go to an IP address that is not already being used on the same subnet. For example, if you computer shows and IP of, you need the IP you set on the DVR to be 192.168.1.something, perhaps.10. The Subnet Mask would be If the E2000 is at it's defaults, the Gateway and DNS in the DVR would be set to You will also need to decide what port to use. I would recommend something other then port 80, perhaps port 8080 or 8088. You should also setup a password for access so the whole world can not view your cameras.

For Port Forwarding, go here. Pick the device and follow the instructions.

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