Please help Db power camera DDNS issue

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luky78633 asked 3 years ago

i have an db power camera its working perfectly fine i have the port set to 8090 and i have forwarded that port in my router but the only problem is my credit card line is connectted with my internet so my internet keeps going down and my ddns does not work i put in ...AND NOTHING. please help i dont know what im doing wrong the its working fine when i know the ip address for example 123.5.56:8090 ITS working like that but when i try to access through the manafactures ddns its not working.

Any help would be great help THANKS ALL!

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

If you're able to access the cam by going straight to your IP:8090 then you're set up correctly.

It sounds like the manufacturer's ddns does not have your current IP.

Are you able to update this or is it automatically updated at certain intervals?

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