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willie2781 asked 3 years ago

You guys have helped me a ton in the past, so I have another one for you.

I have a Time Warner cable modem connected to a Linksys E1000 N router upstairs in my house. My PC is connected directly to the router. Downstairs I have a laptop and a Playstation 3 wireless connected to the router. Laptop/PS3 are about 20 feet away from the router.

Everything works great but for the last month or so I noticed my PS3 has been taking awhile to connect if it does at all. When it does its either extremely slow or it will kick me off.
I check my connection settings and it shows my signal strength. It goes up and down anywhere from 35% to 90%. Because of that I was thinking something may be interfering with my signal, but my laptop has no issues at all and it's in the same room as the PS3.
When I run a connection test sometimes it times out looking for an IP address, sometimes it finds it but wont connect to the Playstation network.

I called playstation and they blame it on Linksys, I call linksys and they remoted into my PC, changed some settings in my router and updated it. I waited a few days but still have the same problem.

When I unplug my router and modem then plug them back in it seems to work, but 10min later its back to the same issue.

Do you think it may be something in the playstation going bad because Ive never had any problems till just recently.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys,

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

How old is the linksys?

Power cycling fixing it for 10 minutes makes me think you have a failing router on your hands. Excessive use, like 24/7 torrent downloading, has been known to accelerate the wear routers like that. I'm not sure that gaming would give you that kind of excessive use, but don't be terribly surprised if your router is failing on you after only a year or two.

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