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ubinconde1 asked 3 years ago


Involved in tracking down some cyberstalkers out of california and possibly michigan

I would like to know if a VPN can start with a 10. ?
I'm seeing emails with fake names and fake email addresses but when I look at the headers theres the private network address that starts with 10. and cannot be traced

I've aso gotten the invalid header error when tracing

Also can VOIP be traced and where?

Getting weird texts with short flirty message and to join their yahoo or add their yahoo acct

When I look up the phone number like 701-369-7543 it goes to north dakota
One victim of the cyberstalkers got a 586 michigan number that traced to Benjamin Bawkon an ip spoofer and spammer who went to court for spamming 1000s of messages to people

Also theres a location in San Jose, Ca that uses Apple ISP and one of the ip addresses shows the last node with apple-computer attached to

The business neighbor said the suspect in question has an Apple computer in his office uses comcast too

How can we know if a number is a voip or magic jack or google voice or spoofed another way?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ubinconde1.

There is almost never any certainty in tracing an IP Address to a specific place or person. IP's can be spoofed. The 10. address you saw in the header is probably the Internal IP of the user that sent it, unfortunately you probably won't know the correct External IP even if it is included in the header. Even if you do get the correct External IP and the correct Internal IP, it will take a legal process through an attorney or a judge to find out who had that IP at the time the email was sent and then you may find out that they were using a proxy so you still won't know who they are.

This is a very common question and the answer is always the same. The best thing to do is block the sender.

As far as VoIP goes, the area code of the caller doesn't mean anything anymore. With Google Voice, MagicJack, Vonage, Packet8, etc. you can pick your area code regardless of where you really are. I would imagine that a given call could be traced to a specific IP Address but again, it will take some type of legal process to get the detailed information.

In either case, if you are being threatened or are somehow in fear for your life, call your local police.

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