PC and Mac won’t communicate on network….router issue?

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Fat Sweaty Elvis asked 2 years ago

Hi guys,

I have a desktop running Ubuntu Linux and a Macbook laptop both connected to a run-of-the-mill Linksys wireless router (Mac is wireless, desktop is plugged in). I can't get these computers to share files.

My router settings are all default except for changing the SSID, changing the admin password, and setting up WPA.

I have installed Samba on the Linux machine and shared some folders. I have enabled the Windows Sharing Service on the Macbook. They both have the same workgroup name, "WORKGROUP".

Here's what I'm seeing: in the Mac Finder, there are NO workgroups in "Network." It can't see the Linux machine at all. If I use the "Connect to Server" and enter the Linux machine's local IP, it still can't find it.

From the Linux machine, I can see the workgroup and inside the workgroup I can see both computers, but when I click on the Mac's icon, it says something like "failed to retrieve share list."

I have searched the Ubuntu forum, the Mac help files, and this site but I'm coming up short. I am wondering if there is some router setting that needs to be changed?

Thanks for any suggestions. You guys seem like a very patient and helpful bunch, which is just what I need. I am a lot more ignorant than the average Linux user.

PS: I know it seems silly to be using Windows-style sharing when neither computer is running Windows. But it seems like it should work. I told you I'm a noob. Thanks!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

This might be a username/password issue.

Hopefully ClanMills....one of our more experienced Mac users can chime in and help out.

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