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rajdeeptechie07 asked 3 years ago

I use google chrome 10.0.648.205. For a couple of days i am getting a messages for some random pages which i try to open eror 118 err_connection_timed_out or says "might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address". These web pages are like yahoo or wiki or forms.whatismyip and sometimes google also shows this message. at the same point of time some other sites opens as usual.
Again from the internet explore cannot display the webpage. After diagnosis, ping the remote host but dint receive a responce.
Again sometime from opera some pages open which simultaneously don't oven in IE or chrome.
when i manually ping the site, request timed out.
my dns is
Please suggest 😟

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question rajdeeptechie07.

As is the case on virtually all forums, we would appreciate it if you would confine a question to a single post. Multiple threads containing the same question will not be responded to any faster.

If your having trouble with multiple browsers showing the same error for known good websites, I would first suspect a DNS problem. This could be caused by a misconfiguration or possibly some kind of malware.

You could try entering DNS servers in your Network Connections TCP/IP configuration. To get there, go to Start > Run > type "ncpa.cpl" and hit enter. On your active network connection right click and go to properties. Find the Internet Connection (TCP/IP)entry and double click it. In the lower portion of the window, you can specify DNS servers. You might try the Google public DNS servers. They are and

You might also want to check your browsers for proxy configuration. If your on a private broadband connection, you would not normally be using a proxy.

The last thing I would look at is the HOSTS file. It is usually in
You may need to enable the ability to see hidden files to see it. Many viruses and malware place entries in the HOSTS file. A normal HOSTS file would contain only 1 or 2 entries depending on your OS.

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