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monty64 asked 3 years ago

I have had a problem for 4 days with old cached pages appearing of sites that I know are newer (eg news pages). I called my isp about it and they logged in and deleted caches etc from Firefox, IE and Chrome, and the problem APPEARED to be fixed. For 5 minutes. It's still doing it and no matter what I do reload, refresh, clear cache it is still showing me a version of the page from 8 hours ago. I have heard my ISP may have caching issues at their end... is this even possible? When I talked to them they said no they don't but what? A new problem and no settings have been changed at my end. Ideas?  😕

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Sounds like there is a Proxy Server between you and news sites. This proxy server is most likely running at your ISP. They run these servers to help speed up load times of pages.

When you go to our homepage and look at your IP, does it say 'Possible Proxy Detected'?

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