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dlp123 asked 4 years ago

Recently I received 3 emails at sepreate times and have since traced them to the UK using information on this site. There are 3 different ip numbers and I used several ip search sites and they all lead back to the same general location. I'm sure that at least one came directly from a computer and not a cell due to speed and typing errors associated with a keyboard.Due to certain expressions used I have reasons to believe the country I traced them to is accurate.

They were sent from a Yahoo account to a Gmail account and the search information I have says they are confirmed proxy servers, wireless broadband, static IP.


There are diferences in specific location but could the general location be relatively accurate or could they somehow be sent from another country?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question dlp123.

If the IP's trace back to proxy servers, the true location could be anywhere in the world.

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