Not able to ping access my ip from another computer

rekha thakur asked 1 year ago

Hellow everyone, I'm trying to access my computer remotely from another computer with the help of my ip address (Remote desktop tool) But i'm not  able to do this task

4 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Rekha. You probably need to forward port 3389. Port 3389 is the port used by Microsoft Remote Desktop. Here's an article that explains ports and why we need to forward them:

After reading the above article, you'll need to login to your router and find the forwarding section. Then set port 3389 to forward to the internal IP address of the PC you're trying to connect.

Our port scanner tool can help you determine if the port has been opened.

khoj Guru answered 1 year ago

Disable your windows firewall and also disable firewall of your antivirus.

rekha thakur answered 1 year ago

Ok, I just disabled my firewall, but i don't know how to disable avast antivirus firewall, can you please guide me how can i disable it ?

khoj Guru answered 1 year ago

It's so simple rekha, Just open your antivirus, go to protection > firewall and then disable your firewall from there.

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