Nessy Velasco asked 1 year ago

I want to know why my devices got no IP. I’m using a prepaid sim card. I usually use my Apple device to connect my kids devices to my wifi network. So I could Control their use of of Social media and online gaming. 4days ago I’m having problem connecting to internet network on my device. Then on safari page start feeding me with Pages of IP problem. Then I so my I.P is on global blocklist till Dec. 16, 2019 it start last Nov. 16, 2018. But I during Nov. 2018 to April 2019 I still have good internet signal. Now my phone keep recieving notification which is 6 months ago. I know my Phone is hacked last January. Coz my Local IP change and my IPhone 7+ version upgraded to 12 and it got a MAC address. I thought it’s ONLY ALL about IPhone thing. But now it’s really annoying. Kids devices got no Bluetooth and IP address too. Same with my IPhone. Please help

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

You should take your devices to your mobile provider of the prepaid sim card. They can help you get online. They're probably going to have to reset your phone to factory settings so make sure you have backups of everything before you see them.

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