Newbie question about setting up vpn connection

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toe_knee asked 3 years ago

Hello all, just found this site and it looks like it's where I need to be:) I'm sure the answer to my question is already posted here but I couldn't seem to find all the parts I need. So here is my story, I recently got a new wireless router which incorporates a vpn server.....I'm kinda new at this but I'm trying to figure out how to be able to hit it (the vpn server portion of my wireless router) from outside my house....I think I need the following information (please correct or add steps that I need):

1. The IP address of my Comcast router...if so...can I just connect my laptop to the the Comcast router and just do a "ipconfig/all"..that should give me the address I need to type once I'm outside my house right?

2. The IP address of the vpn router on my wireless router?

3. Of course a username and password that I've already setup on my vpn server?

I think once I have all that information I should be able to go to firefox and just put in the IP address of my Comcast router and hit the vpn server that way (or setup Cisco AnyConnect or Windows vpn client)?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question!
1. If you run ipconfig/all, you'll obtain the local IP of the machine you've run it on. That won't help you. To find your external IP, go to instead.
2. Same thing- go to to get it. You should consider using dynamic DNS if you don't have a static IP.
3. Yes probably. If you tell us the make/model of your router, we might be able to help further.

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