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Valerie Mullen asked 3 years ago

I have a "home network connection" in Windows XP Home Ed. in name only for us to be able to have more then one pc connect to the internet. And my question is who and how are all these new user's being assigned special privileges on my pc? I have never used remote access, I am the only user account nobody else use's my pc. Where / What is the source for assigning all these user accounts? I admit I am not completely shy of a full deck, but I do not stand out above the crowd either. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Take care have a great day.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

It's not easy to determine what you mean from the description you provide. Very few programs or services install a user to enable their activity.

So... my first guess is Windows' own default security. Windows sets you up with administrative access, and it does not require you to utilize a login password. As a result, if someone can access your user name, they can more or or less do what they want.

My first recommendation to change or to set your login password for your username. Do that in Control Panel/Users. Use a "strong" password, one that meets at least 3 of the four conditions below:
[*]At least 8 characters long.
[*]At least one number and at least one letter.
[*]At least one small and one capital letter.
[*]At least one "special" character (and of the "SHIFT characters above the numbers, for example)
Plan for four or five of these, because I also suggest that you change it every week for at least a month. That will defeat anyone trying to keep access UNLESS they have software install in your system that tracks every key you press (called a keylogger) and that notifies them regularly. And do not delete those accounts. Disable them.

See what happens then.

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