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reallyniceguy1980 asked 4 years ago

Hey, i had death threats against me on a fb msg which the account was then deleted but i still have the name and msg saved on fb, is there anyway to trace the ip through fb or another venue?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Sorry to hear about this.

Unfortunately there's no way to find someone's IP via their facebook page or via a facebook message.

They would have to email you directly from outside of the facebook system....and even then finding their IP might not point to their approximate location depending on the email system they use.

Possibly your only option at this point is to forward this message to Facebook. I'm not sure how involved they'll get or what information if any they'll provide.

If you feel this is a real threat and not just a sick joke, it may be best to report this to your local police....they'll have greater pull in getting information from Facebook.

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