New DLINK router keesp lagging, dropping, streaming sites don’t work properly.

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsNew DLINK router keesp lagging, dropping, streaming sites don’t work properly.
Froglet asked 3 years ago

New DLINK router keesp lagging, dropping, streaming sites don't work.

I'm not sure what specs you folks need, but I'm not familiar w/ a lot of jargon, but I'll try my best.

We currently have about 4 computers/devices on the DLINK router. 2 land lines, the other 2 are wireless connections. We have generic internet settings, (auto config).

The biggest issue I'm having now is that sites like youtube will not stream and will lag. I've had this issue on both wireless and wire connections. I'm isolating the issue to the DLINK router.

More so, downloads from sites like megaupload never seem to get completed. It seems as if the router crashes and the download gets disrupted.

We also have one of those netflix box device on the network, which streams in movies from another country. I'm noticing issues w/ that as well.

I understand that if we run simultaneous devices, the bandwidth will be compromised, however it seems like there is some configuration I'm missing.

Should I manually assign IPs to all my devices? If so, will this be difficult? More so, I was reading something about port forwarding for our netflex box. The netflex like box has a 'proxy' setting of some sort.

Any ideas? I've updated the firmware and all that jazz.

So frustrated. The linksys never gave us this type of issue before.


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jslobotski answered 3 years ago

If you've isolated the issue to the router, rather than trying to configure all your devices to custom settings and potentially not having anything work properly, I would honestly go buy a new router. They are inexpensive and easily setup and if youtube doesn't stream properly assuming you have sufficient internet speeds, there's something wrong with the router itself or the firmware installed on the router.

I am in the technical support field and our website streams live auctions. I had a customer call in who was having similar problems viewing the live auctions and they were using a D-Link router. I was able to log into the router to adjust settings for troubleshooting and wasn't able to fix it. I'm one of those people who can't stand not knowing why it wouldn't work, but reading your post confirms my suspicions that it was the router itself. I hope this helps. 🙂

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