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Froglet asked 4 years ago


I used to have wireless connectivity on the old LINKSYS router, which ran on G. Recently, I bought a DLINK N ROUTER. However, I am having issues w/ getting the wireless connections for my laptops. The wired are okay though.

Establishing connection to the SSID takes a while, much slower than the previous LINKSYS, and when it does connect, there is a 'limited connectivity' icon on the wireless bars. Both the laptops can run N and have worked on the old LINKSYS setup. Both of my LAPTOPS are Windows 7s.

I have made sure the security types and keys are matching, but the DLINK router can't register the wireless clients. What am I doing wrong? I

I have even tried all various possibilities from WPA, w/ AES/TKIP cipher, but it just won't work. I believe I have even updated the DLINK firmware. Something just isn't working in sync, I suspect it is either my adapter drivers? or security setup. I want to go w/ WPA.

Could my IP be the issue? It's setup to dynamic, and auto DHCP. The desktops are working which is weird.


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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question Froglet.

If you are connecting with "Limited or No Connectivity", that means the Router and the computer are accepting the security protocols you have in place. The problem would be something in the DHCP, either with the server in the router or with the wireless adapters in the computers accepting an IP from the DHCP server.

If you go to - Start and type cmd in the box and hit enter, that will take you to a command prompt. Type ipconfig and hit enter to see you internal IP address. There will be several things listed there in Win7 so you need to find the one that references your wireless connection and see if it matches the same first 3 sets if numbers on your working desktops. Probably 192.168.1.??? or 192.168.2.???.

If not, you will need to make sure the computer is set to accept an address from the DHCP server.

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