najmi asked 3 years ago

helo every body i am a kind of new here trying to solve a networking prob if any one could help me.
i'm a network admin and have to share the internet connection to about 30 hosts i am trying to find a solution without using a proxy sever or a router.
The problem is i have got a dsl internet connection of 1MB.Whenever I try to give all hosts static ip addresses the internet explorer doesn't open the desired page and if i set the host to 'dhcp' enabled
the internet explorer requires a wizard to run, but after running the wizard it connects to the internet while any other disconnects.plz help me if any one can.thanks

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

you need to use a router that will support NAT in order to share your internet connection (any home router will do this)

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