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Ceejay99 asked 3 years ago

I work at a place that has a city wide WAN setup, and my own networking experience leaves me with a passable amount of knowledge but with many holes that I simply never thought of.

As might be obvious in my following question.

Consider a LAN setup at a physical location other then the one our DNS server runs on. This LAN setup uses a cisco router for a private VPN back to our main Router and servers.

Well, actually this may be a two part question. The first is, will that LAN have to access the internet if it remotely connects to another device within the same subnet. I am not really sure on the network flow there, if the PC would still need to hit the DNS server or even the main router in order to get direction to the other device within the same subnet. I am unsure, that is, if the router, which assigns the subnet and IP addresses, will simply route the network connection where it should go, or passes it along over the WAN to another device which then gets routed all the way back?

I guess the second part of my questions is that the device being remoted to is a Panasonic DVR which has a built in web interface program to view the camera's attached to it. So would it change the answer to the first part if this were the device and software being used in part one of my question? That is, will the fact that you are using a web interface force a web connection, or is that simply a term used as a description?

Thanks again to anyone who can answer these for me.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

A device connecting to another device on the same subnet does not require an internet connect. The router will handle all of this traffic and direct as necessary. A network can be set up with tons of computers on it and not internet access whatsoever and it'll operate just fine....without the internet of course. 🙂

Web interface is just a term used. If you connect to the DVR and it's on the same subnet then again, no internet access is needed. You may have the option to connect to this software via Internet Explorer. You'll simply open IE, get the 'page cannot be displayed' because there's no internet, then just enter As an alternative, the DVR most likely came with software for viewing. You can view the cams through this software as well without an internet connection. However, keep in mind that if the DVR viewing software is automatically set to check for updates, it will attempt to hit the web. If the web is not available, you might get an error message and you might not.....but you definitely won't get updates.

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