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duckypwns asked 3 years ago

All of my computers are plugged in to a Netgear router, which is then plugged in to my modem. After I disable my modem temporarily, what settings do I need to change on my router in order to change my IP?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question duckypwns.

Based on your current IP address, I suspect you are on a Cable Internet connection. If that is correct, you would change the MAC address of the WAN or Internet port in your Netgear Router. Some Router refer to this as cloning a MAC address. After doing so you need to power off the Modem and the Router, then start ONLY the Modem and allow it to boot, then start the Router. You should then have a new external IP address.

If your Modem has a battery backup, you also will need to remove the battery to get a successful cold boot and get a new IP address.

I would recommend using a MAC address from something you have such as one of your computers or and old unused Network Controller. If you just randomly pick a MAC address, it may already be in use somewhere and will cause a problem getting on the Internet.

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