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jayerfernandes asked 4 years ago

I've just finished configuring my router and I've noticed that the ip is always static after reboots.
I have checked the config to the best of my knowledge, dynamic ip is enabled, DHCP is enabled and dns is automatic from ISP.

The main reason for me asking this, is I use jdownloader which has a reconnect recorder script generator and it works only when there is a change in ip after a soft reboot.

I'd really be grateful if someone could throw a little light on this matter.


1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, jayerfernandez. Welcome! I hope you enjoy our little forum here.

Which IP needs to change? The computer IP, the one you see when you type [I]ipconfig[/I], or the public IP, the one you see when you come to our site? The process is different depending on that.

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