Neighbor IP problem

alexg asked 3 years ago

I have a problem,
I have Utorrent installed on my Mac, however i haven't used it in 3 months,
the files i was downloading had not finished, however i had removed them from the computer.
Then i moved into a new flat and i am using a neighbors wifi, he agreed,

however he insists that i am downloading during the day , i don't see how this is possible as i am at work, my computer is home but turned off , and whenever i connect to the internet after turning it back on i have an automatic paid network that it automatically connects to, i have to disconnect from this then connect manually to my neighbors wifi, the password is saved however,

i cant see how my computer could be downloading or uploading torrents when it is turned off and with no internet connection, especially when Utorrent is closed and inactive and the files are no longer on the PC.

whats more my neighbor checked my IP last night and told me that I "am the one downloading all the time during the day"
apparently my IP matches the person who was downloading

is this possible ?
could someone be using my IP adress somehow ?
could my computer be using band width even when turned off or on "sleeping" mode ?

thanks for any help i dont know much about this stuff

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question alexg.

It is possible that someone else is at fault but it would be detectable. If someone is downloading while your computer is turned off, then someone else has spoofed your MAC address and is connecting to the neighbors Internet connection when your off line.

Ask him what IP address is downloading and what times are being shown. You can get your internal IP by going to a command prompt and typing ipconfig. See if the IP's match.

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