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HKT asked 3 years ago

I m posting this question with lot of hope of getting a solution as i know that this forum is specialized of this issue.

I had to login to my e-gold account after 2 years. But it showed me an error of my IP address' blacklisting. So i contacted their support. They asked me to check my IP on ,so i did the same and really my IP address was listed their under PBL &XBL categories.

So i started searching on internet whether i can find some substitute of my current IP address.I chose 1 proxy IP address and made my web browser Firefox to use this proxy. Then i also checked the new IP on spamhaus and i was happy that it was not listed there. BUT when i used e-gold site again with this new IP Address,surprisingly they showed the same problem and under IP address column there was written my old IP address only(without recognizing this new proxy one).

Hence, i need assistance on this issue as soon as possible. I m using Wireless Internet connection and my IP is dynamic one. I also tried to disconnect and reconnect my net connection many times to get new IPs but all of those new ones r also blacklisted on spamhaus. It seems that all of my ISP's IPs are blacklisted there.

Plz help me somehow..infact Anyhow,so that i can get rid of this problem soon.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

chances are the proxy you've chosen does not truly mask your IP address and therefore e-gold can see your current IP.

You'll just need to try different Proxies until you find one that does mask.

I'd also delete your cookies before connecting to e-gold again with the proxied IP.

michael wicks answered 2 years ago

Almost 4 weeks ago, I cleared my browsing cache/data on facebook, & was not able to log back in. I kept being told my mobile number is not valid. I contacted my mobile phone provider & was told there is not a problem with my number, but then found out about that my IP had been blacklisted. I do not know why, or been able to contact facebook about this as I can not log in to contact them. I have mental health issues & depend on my facebook account in order to stay in contact with my family. I have had 4 angina attacks since this happened, & have a heart condition plu suffer with severe depression. I desperately need help in getting this sorted out.

michael wicks answered 2 years ago

If someone has any idea's of how I can get this sorted out quickly & easily, please Email me at: [email removed]   I am struggling to learn how to use my computer.I do not understand what to do.

wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Michael, when attempting to login to facebook, there should be a 'Forgot account' link. Click that and you can enter your email address or phone number. They'll send you a password reset link to your email address.

michael wicks answered 2 years ago

I have tried that many many times & it still does not work. When I have entered my mobile number, I keep getting a message telling me to enter a valid mobile number. I thought there was a problem with my mobile phone, so contacted my mobile provider (vodafone) & they informed me that there is nothing wrong with my number ( a number I have had for over 14 years, & used on facebook for the past 3 years). This is very puzzling, & am now in the process of upgrading my broadband/internet to fibre optic. I have been told by my internet provider that this will sort the problem out, but I am not sure any more. I am seriously considering doing away with everything now, as I have mental health issues & This is causing me far too much stress.I have tried to get help from microsoft,kaspersky,talk talk,yourselves & even facebook itself. Facebook just have not replied. With everyone else, I am just going around in circles.My stress levels are sky high at the moment because of this. I just wish I could get some answers at to why my IP has been blacklisted when all I did was clear my browsing cache (as I was advised to do by a microsoft technician). I am not happy with having to pay for internet security & broadband even though I can not access the only account I use everyday. I need my account as it is the only way to contact my family. Somebody knows the answers, but will not tell me how I can fix this. I am still learning how to use a computer, & sturuggle with most of the technical jargon.

wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Michael. You keep saying you've entered your phone number. Have you tried your email address in the 'forgot account' form?

My other suggestion would be to create a new facebook account altogether and reach out to family using the new account.

michael wicks answered 2 years ago

Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried everything. I have tried entering my Email address, my mobile number, even opening up a new account. Nothing works. When I try to open a new account, I nter my Email address or mobile number & get a message saying they are already in use. The only way I can get a new account is by changing my Email address or changing my mobile number (something I have used for the past 3 years). I have entered an old mobile number & this was accepted even though I can not receive texts from them. I think the problem may be with my mobile phone provider, though they have denied this is the case. I am so frustrated of how I am being treated by everyone.Vodafone (my mobile phone provider) has suggested it may be my internet security, my broadband provider or a problem with my computer. Everything has been checked by a microsoft technician (remotely) on more than one occasion, & has said there is nothing wrong with my computer, Kaspersky has also run tests, as well as talk talk, & have both said there is nothing wrong with their systems. It is becoming clear to me that the problem is with my phone provider, though I just can not prove it as I do not know what to do. Any suggestions ? I find it strange that an extremely old mobile number, that does not exist any more, should be accepted, & yet my current number is not, even though I can make calls & send texts. I wish I had never bothered having a computer now, as this is causing me too much stress. Before this month is out, I can see me having another heart attack. I am really fed up of it now. Just want it all end.

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