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K.B. asked 2 years ago

I need a check on my router. Please!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Kevin. What do you need to know about your router?

Please include your question, make, and model of the router.

K.B. answered 2 years ago

ArrisTG1682G I think. Question every time I put a password in with iPhone X Max it doesn’t work. My iPad has different wi-fi address than what you show. Yours says in valid. iPhone say I’m from Portland. I’m in Sacramento with Xfinity. I pretty sure everything is hacked. Emails for wife and I won’t update. Google accounts all have different passwords, etc......

K.B. answered 2 years ago

Also on router, when I could get in I checked one of the MAC numbers and came up 5CA39D Samsung electro mechanics co.,Ltd. we have all apple products. I have a lot more to say and screenshots of different things. 
Thank you, kdean AKA Kevin 

wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Kevin. Thanks for your patience in awaiting my answer. If your router is provided by your ISP, I suggest calling them to reset everything. If the router is your own, perhaps you should do a hard reset. You can find the instructions on the manufacturers support page. When setting up the wifi after all is reset, I suggest using a strong password that's not easily guessed or hacked by others. Emails not updating could be related to your wifi. What happens when you're connected to mobile service without using your wifi? Does your email update? Also, keep in mind lots of things connect to the internet so the Samsung you're seeing could be your TV, refrigerator, etc.

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