Need to change ip address, but in my router, not the computer

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esperanto asked 4 years ago

Hello... I'm new to the site. I'm a programmer, actually, but not very well versed in networking. Here's my problem:

For various reasons having to do with both business and security, I do need my machines (plural, as in several) to appear having a different public ip address than the one assigned to me by my provider (sympatico = bell canada)... I have two routers in chain, so all the devices are sharing the same dynamic public ip address that comes from a single internet connection. This is ok. What I need is for it to be a different public (internet) ip address. Namely, from another city.

So, both proxies and software meant to disguise the real location in browsers and programs in a computer are useless to me, not to mention I have other devices (not computers) that I need to cover too.

I know that a VPN router that comes preconfigured, by means of... dd-wrt I think it is, can actually do this. But this type of router is expensive, plus a monthly fee has to be paid to the provider for what I know, for the right to use ip addresses from their servers located in various places around the world.

yes, that is a solution, and the only one I've found on the internet, so far: If it's my router itself that can provide with a different public ip address, then distributing that same ip address to all my devices would be easy pie... but a kinda expensive pie, me thinks.

My question is: Is there some other, perhaps cheaper, solution to this, or is a VPN router the only possible solution?

Thanks very much for any input.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 4 years ago

That's pretty much it.

An IP Address can only be assigned to one device, and one device can only have on IP Address. If you put multiple network adapters in a box, then each adapter counts as an independent device (with some rather technical exceptions). VPN proxies are one example of an exception.

Frankly, I can't think of a free way to do this.

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