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tjdodge asked 3 years ago

I am involved the the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, have been a member for about five years and during that time I have built a solid reputation with the active duty Coast Guard.

There is a guy (a member) who is trying to discredit me and have me thrown out. He created an e-mail that was supposedly from me to him, it was very nasty and has caused me a great deal of trouble with the top officers of the active duty Coast Guard. I did not write the e-mail but I need to prove that he did.

The e-mail was sent to a District Captain, only he didn't forward it, he copied and pasted it, so I am having trouble proving that it didn't come from me. I don't believe he actually received anything in his inbox, I believe that he took an e-mail from me, copied and pasted the headers and fabricated it.

What can I do? IS there anyway you can look at the e-mail headers and find where this guy messed up? I think there s all kinds of evidence pointing toward a fabricated e-mail but I am no expert.

Thanks in advance.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

We go over this time and time again. There is no conclusive way to prove a certain person sent a specific email, neither you or him. In the end, it will all boil down to who's word the person judging the email takes.

As far as copying the header from one email to another, anyone can do that any time. It doesn't prove anything either way.

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