need help w/ site using javascript

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amerie asked 3 years ago

ok, i've been banned from a forum that i really like to visit. anyway, i'm "stealing" my neighbors wireless internet connection, so i am unable to get my ip changed by turning off the dsl modem. instead, i've downloaded jap/jondo. my only prob is that, the site i'm trying to get onto ( is using javascript, and, apparently, my ip is being shown through that. 😡 is there anyway to get javascript to not display my ip or to display a different one? or, is there any other way around this? thanks for any help you have!

i'm not for sure why i was banned. i have emailed them asking them to verify that i was banned and to tell my why, but i have yet to get a response.

i have tried to use proxies, but i'm pretty new at this whole thing. i've tried web-based proxies, and they don't work. (i think i read it's b/c of the java stuff.) i have also gotten some stuff off internet proxy lists, but none of these have ever worked for me.

what kind of proxy should i use?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Any particular reason you were banned to begin with? If you got banned unintentionally, you can probably just email the forum admin with your IP and get unbanned.

If that doesn't work, your best bet may be to use a proxy.

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