Need help setting a 3rd wifi booster

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GameMalta asked 4 years ago

Hello Friends,

I have a cisco router as main with wifi model Cisco EPC3925 in 1st Floor and in ground floor i connected an asus rt-n16 as an ap ! till here works fine everything ! now i have a tp-link tl-wa901nd to extend wifi signal but i can't configure it! i try it as a universal repeater but no luck .

I would like to know how im going to connect the tp-link tl-wa901nd ? where is the tp link i have both coverage from the main cisco router and from asus access point !

I connect the tp link with cisco or with asus?
and connected as access point,multi ssid,client,repeater,bridge with ap or universal repeater ?


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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

I don't have any personal experience with either Asus or TP-Link equipment but both of the models you mentioned are Routers, not Access Points or Range Extenders.

Not too many Routers are able to be used as a Range Extender but most can be used in Bridge mode to add an additional wifi signal in another area of a building. That would usually require an Ethernet cable to be run to it from the Router that is handling DHCP, probably your Cisco.

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