Need help in how a group of people is spying on me

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needhelp asked 3 years ago

First of all, I'm not very computer savvy, so some of my concerns my be naive or I can only describe what I feel is happening. But I really do need help. I'm at my wit's end. Thank you very much for helping me understand my situation.

What happened was I had a tumblr account, which I write some drafts and never posted it on my open page, and I have another page which is password protected. somehow a group of people have gotten into my account and read all my drafts and my password protect page, I can tell by them responding to the things I never showed in public but was in my draft. So I thought somehow they gotten hold of my log in information. I deleted my tumblr account, opened a account, write something in private mode, saved something in my draft box. And the same thing happened, they can see what I wrote by their response. By this point I really panicked, so I did some research, and realized people can see what I typed on key board via spyware like key loggers. So I formatted my computer, created another tumblr account, tested again. Same thing, they still can see inside my account. I realize may be it's the unsafe link (link out side of they posted on their page to trap me), so I formatted again and stopped visiting links. Test with tumblr again, same thing. I did more research, finding out key loggers can be attached to pic files or music files. I don't know if it can be attached to tumblr sites.

So this time I formatted my computer again, and never visited any of their web pages, created a tumblr account on this clean computer, and tested again.I used a mobile device like my iPhone to check their page to see if they can still see me, just so I never run the chance of getting the virus from their page on this clean computer, some how they still can. I'm so paranoid and frustrated, I don't know how can they still spy on me on a newly formatted computer and getting into my account.
I thought about going to the authorities, since I do know some of their identity, but they showed so much remorse upon my private threat in my account, which means they couldn't possibly know what I said unless they broke into my account. They are mostly teenagers not really set out to do evil deeds, but nonetheless I have to get my privacy back. I'm here trying to ask for help from some of you who are experts on these matters because I really don't know how to protect myself at this point. It's ruining my life and my peace of mind.

So if you can, please help me anyway you can. These people seem to be able to log into some kind of web site or application, since they are all over the world, they can see me post things simultaneously, they can identify me even when I post using tor network which mask my ip, and I have online armor and norton internet security. They seem to be able to monitor more than me since sometime one of them need to be notified by others to realize I posted.

Thank you so much, help.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question needhelp.

The information you posted would make most people a little paranoid about using the internet.

I will almost bet that the person getting into your accounts is someone you know. I base this opinion on all of the steps you have taken to secure your data. I don't know you or the details of your internet activities so I can't offer anything more detailed.

Now I will state my opinion on "Cloud Computing" which is what you are using on virtually all of the social networking sites. Security is a nightmare when you talk about cloud computing. You create and store data on computers you don't know and have absolutely no control over and then you put your faith in people you don't know to protect that data. There is no part of that that sounds like a good idea to me.

If you truly want security, put your data on a thumb drive or similar device and keep it locked up. Regardless of how or where you put data on the internet, it can not be guaranteed to be secure.

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