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smhamad asked 3 years ago

Hello guys i was hoping you could help me with a problem. My family has been getting an email of people harrassing us and was wondering is there anyway we can find out the location of the person. One of the emails that was sent was a friends email telling us someone hacked her account to send us the message. The other message is someone made a fake email to send us more harrassing stuff.

The first email is a hotmail and the second one is a live.com email. I have a general understanding of how to do this. I got an ip address and its giving me two different locations One New York the other California. They are sending it to my aol email if that helps.
Does this have to do with the website or about the servers. Any help would be great.:)

P.S. We are getting the cops involved and all that i just want to do something myself.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Once the police take you seriously and start investigating, be very careful about the actions you take. If you do something that affects the investigation, you could wind up charged with impeding the investigation, or even obstructing justing. That *can* get you time in jail.

The problem with trying to trace "service" emails like Yahoo, Live/Hotmail, or Gmail, is that the IP Address can sometimes be simply the IP Address of the server that generated the email, not the person who wrote it. Have your friend who says their account was hacked report that to police as well. Maybe even to the ones working your case. If it comes to an arrest, that kind of hacking could qualify as identity theft, and can add to the conequences.

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