Need Help getting harrassed

IP Address Questions and AnswersNeed Help getting harrassed
Arielle Lumpkins asked 2 years ago

Dear whatismyip I have a question to ask can IP numbers be reported or investigated please let me know because I have somebody constantly stalks me like crazy for no reason. I’m a member on a sports blog that go on to when talking about athletes and they’re not fooling me because I know it’s the same person. Please let me know when you get my message and tell me what I need to do to stop for once

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for posting your question Arielle.

IP addresses can be reported. If you go here: and lookup the IP in question, you can scroll through the information and find the ‘Abuse’ section. There should be an email address in this section. Reach out to them and explain what’s going on. However, as a first step, I’d contact an admin on the sports blog and see if they’ll warn the user or ban the user if they’re trolling others as well.

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