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3LEM3ENT asked 3 years ago

hello and sorry if this is not the right place to post this question, but i'm kind of lacking on this kind of theory so i don't know exactly in which category should i post..
my problem is this : i am away from home and i want to connect to the internet using the settings i have back home, if that is somehow possible (access the dns used by my computer back home -correct me if i'm wrong- in order to achieve better speed (the speed of the conection in my current location is crap). i have all the ips, all the numbers from both locations, but i'm not really sure how should i go about it, and what i've tried so far didn't work.
my current location connects to the internet via isdn modem, the one i'm trying to access is direct cable (lan) .
i hope i was clear enough.. :-S
please help me

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Unfortunately, you're limited to the connection you're working with in your current location. Because you're not directly connected to the same cable system now that you have at your house, even if you plug in all the same IPs, DNS, etc. the connection will fail. It's an depth explanation.

So even if you were to remote in to your computer at home, your connection speed is limited by your current slow connection.

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