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boomtheroom asked 3 years ago

Hi All
i ve just setup a slave router onto my main router which ive finally got working heres and example of my setup
main router dhcp enabled range 400-499
slave router ,dns
slave router has nas ftp built in
setup port 21
port forward on main router setup to port 21
i can access the nas on my home network by typing in the slave routers ip address and port 21
but when i try from the web i enter the static ip of my network nothing happens..anythin im missing?

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question boomtheroom.

I have to point out that the addresses you are using are outside normal parameters. The maximum range for the 192.168.0. subnet would be

I'll assume this to be an typo.

Is DHCP enabled in both routers? Are both routers set to run on the same subnet? 192.168.0.???

For external access, make sure you have port forwarding enabled in your router NOT port triggering.

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