My port forwarding nightmare!

davieboy1985 asked 3 years ago

hello and good morning, im new to the site to hopefully try and get my head around a port forwarding problem i have. i have tried all to the best of my ability but my knowledge only goes so far when it comes to networking etc....

a few months ago i bought a IP PTZ Camera to keep a eye on my lizard when i work away, i know it sounds sad but i thought it was a good move lol. It was my first port forward venture and it took me about 4 days to work it out through a little mooching on the internet, it now works brilliant! i can see it on my LAN and Internet from anywere 🙂

happy with what i had done i thought i would give the house cctv a go so i can keep a eye on the house aswell, now with this i have got it on the LAN but i cannot access it from the internet, everytime i put in my ip address the only thing that comes up is the login screen for my IP camera....

my question is, is it possible to be able to login to both devices from the internet, if so how do i do it? or do i have to settle with one or the other

any help is welcomed 🙂

thanks in advance

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question davieboy1985.
This is definitely doable.
I see you are viewing or managing the PTZ camera on port 80. That's the normal website viewing port so you only need to input the IP address, not the port.
The cctv server is probably also trying to use port 80. Internally thats not a problem because you are going to the specific internal IP address. Externally, you can't forward the same port to two IP addresses. The solution is to move one of them to some other port. It's fairly common to have external cameras on port 8080 so I would use something other then that to decrease the likelihood of someone scanning the port.
I would setup the PTZ camera on something like port 8088. You need to tell the camera to use that port, change the port forward in the router and add a colon and the port number to the URL to access it from outside your LAN.
The cctv server can probably also be configured to use a different port. I would recommend using something other then the default or port 80. Perhaps port 8000. Setup the server and forward the selected port to the internal IP of the cctv server. Then access the cctv server by adding the colon and port number to the end of the URL
Sample address using an internal IP.
Substitute your external IP and the correct port number for the server you want to access.
If you wanted to get more elaborate, you could buy a domain name, usually under $13 per year, and add subdomains for the various devices. For example, a domain of could have for the PTZ camera and for the cctv server. They can be directed to the appropriate port. These are just examples, you could use anything you want for the subdomains.

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