my ping raises suddenly

MeroT asked 3 years ago

iam in egypt playing in a server in USA a game called swat 4 , the server is in newyork - atlanta . my ping go down like to 160 and then suddenly lags happens it goes up to 270 not 270 exactly but 250 + and then go down again , and all the people in the server have more stable ping than me like even people in egypt same ping as me almost thier ping minimum 170 it raises 171 172 173 and then go down again so no lags happens with this small changes so i want to ask plz if some 1 can tell me what is my problem so i dont have this big lag . waiting for answer 🙂

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

tcp/ip degrades over distance. Your best bet is to connect to a server that's closer to you geographically.

If that's not an's my understanding that creating a game server is relatively simple. Perhaps you could build one for your friends.

As an alternative, take your computer to a different location and see if your lag times still increase. If they do, you could have an app running in the background slowing your machine down causing the lag.

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