My IP Wont Work?

XxTypoxX asked 3 years ago

Ok, I recently had this problem. My computer is wireless connected to my router. My ip address is not active or something. I have alot of item that go through my ip address. For example, i have a internet radio so it hooked up through my ip address like this http://(My Ip Address):8000 but when i go to it, Shows a "webpage cannot be displayed", When i try http://localhost:8000 it works. Now have have 2 other and computers and a ipod touch hooked up to my router. They all have the same IP address. Any way to fix my problem and get my Ip Address working again?

1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

That IP Address you're talking about, that's the one you see when you come to this site, the one that this site says is your IP?

If you, that's your public IP. It's the one your ISP assigned to you. Technically, that IP is assigned to your router, not to your PC. The router is using something called Network Address Translation (NAT) to forward traffic to whichever of your PC's is doing something on the Internet. NAT includes a function called Port Forwarding, and you need to get into your router and forward port 8000 to whichever PC is providing that radio you're trying to send.

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