My IP address keeps changing??

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rosieft asked 3 years ago

Hi i am new and am not very technically minded but i need help as everyone i have asked cant seemto give me any answers. I use the Poli application with a Neteller Account (like an online money transfer bank). All has been working fine for last year or so and all of a sudden everytime i try to deposit money into my account using the Poli application, i keep getting an error code which basically is telling me that my IP address is changing midway through the transfer,and it is doing it every time i try to transfer. I have mobile Broadband pre-paid with Three (3) mobile phone company. I know that the IP does change everyday, but it has never ever done this before. What would cause it to change my ip address midway through a money transfer transaction??? can any1 help pls. I have not added any new programs or antivirus or anything new on my computer. The other thing i noticed is that when i click on the Start Menu, and then select Help and Support (as i was going to check my ip address there, i get a message saying that ("Windows cannot find helpctr.exe" make sure youtyped the name correctly and then try again.) This has never happened before either. Where has my help and support function gone???? can anyone help plz  😕


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Just go to our home page to determine your IP address.

Perhaps your mobile broadband company is using a proxy for "uploading". When you start the transaction, it comes from the same IP you see on our home page....however as soon as an upload starts via Poli, your IP changes because it's probably going through the proxy.

Do you have the ability to go through a proxy for the entire transaction or a VPN service where your bank would see you as one single IP for the entire transaction?

As for the hlpctr.exe....not sure what might've happened there.

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