My cable Modem is Dynamic, but my Router makes it Static?

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Pillpher asked 3 years ago

Okay so, here is my problem.

I was playing some games online and due to some illegal botting issues on a particular game (Diablo II) they have defined limitations on the amount of games you can join per minute/hour/day/etc.

Well sometimes I would log out of characters to quickly, or when looking for a game to join i would join too many too quickly.

Regardless, the game enforces these measures by temporarily banning your ip address.

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if i was hardwired in directly from my Suddenlink Cable Modem. However i am using a Netgear WND3400 router.

Well, if i connect directly from my Modem to my Computer (Win 7) and check my ip address on then it shows up as dynamic.

If i power cycle my modem for 3-5 minutes then i can get a new ip from my ISP. This works great and removes the issues i have by giving me a new ip address.

However i am not the only user in the house and hardwiring the modem to the computer simply doesn't work, especially when someone wants to jump on the laptop or tablet or ipod or whatever because i have no wireless at that point.

Now if i check my ip with my router setup, it is a completely different ip address that shows up as static on

So my question, or questions would be:

How can i setup the router to either run Dynamically all the time or allow me to change the static ip? Or is there a simple solution to go from router to direct connect on windows 7 to switch the ip address and get around the temp ip ban from the game server?

Thanks in advance


1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Is your router configured to get an IP automatically on its WAN port, or does it have an IP entered in there?

Have you tried the 3-5 minute trick with the router?

It is very possible to grab the same IP if your DHCP lease hasn't expired, but from what you describe- it sounds like your router has a longer DHCP lease than your PC, which doesn't make any sense. They should be grabbing IPs from the same DHCP service, and the lease time would likely be the same for any host requesting an IP from it.

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