Multiple static IP from different ISP bind into one virtual public IP address

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ashisgup asked 3 years ago

Dear Experts,

I have a very specific requirement where I need a unique public IP address which does not change if I change the ISP.
Just to give some background, This is for a security solution where I have client machines which can be installed at customer's locations, these machines can send the notifications of various event to CMS (Central monitoring station).

To do so, I set the IP address of the CMS (IP address, not domain name) in the client machine along with the port.

For any event, the client machine will send the information to this IP and port.

Since this is the IP address of my CMS (public IP address provided by the ISP ), I will receive it and forwarded to respective receiver using port forwarding.

Obviously, if the IP of my CMS changes or ISP's network goes down, I will not be able to recieve any notification.

To build the redundancy, I can take connections from multiple ISP, but each of them will provide a different public static IP, also , please note that I can only set one IP address as destination IP address at client machine.

Is there anyway to combine these public static IPs form different ISPs into one virtual public IP address ? And then I can set this virtual public IP address in the client machine. Client machine will send the notifications to this IP address and at my CMS, if one of the ISP has some issue, I will still get the notification as I will be connected to internet from second ISP with same virtual public IP address...

I am not sure how well I have communicated the issue, let me know if you need any further details.

Thanks in advace.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ashisgup.

One thing comes to mind for me. Can you use a domain name instead of an IP on the computers that need to upload to the CMS server? If so, You can host the CMS server anywhere you want and simply redirect the IP when it changes. As for redundancy, you could setup a mirror to the CMS server at another location. That way the data is always the same on both servers so if one crashes or is unavailable for some reason, the customer doesn't experience any noticeable difference.

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