Multiple IP Lookup

Paul M Rice asked 3 years ago

Hi Folks,
one question, been running arroud the web the whole day and now I´m sick of it...
Is there a way to locate multiple (about 800 Ip Adresses) and map them on some kind of sheet? A google map, a GIS system. I don´t care...
I would really be very thankful for some help.

1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Not really. There are public databases of IP Addresses matched with phyical locations, but those locations are for the entity that registered them. My Comcast IP Address is registered to Comcast, and I think it shows as the Comcast office that registered the IP. Not as me.

There are scripts and automated ways to pull in the information on IP Addresses, but if you want to know exactly who had what IP, when, and where exactly that they were, basically, you can't.

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