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gnosis_ip asked 3 years ago

I use a netgear router for my home network. whatismyip reports the same external IP for all devices, but I know that is NOT TRUE and INCORRECT because my websites use htaccess based access control where I have a list of IPs that are able to access the website and only one of my home computers can access the website.

What is happening and how do I discover the external IPs for each computer? Or is it just the modem/router that has one IP? If so, how come some of my computers cannot access an IP restricted website?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question gnosis_ip.

Assuming you have a single Internet connection, it is correct that all of the devices use the same external IP address. That is the purpose of the Router. It gives all of the devices in the building a separate Internal IP address and keeps track of them, sending the correct information to the separate computers.

If you are having trouble accessing an internal webserver from some of the computers, you may need to turn on or add a NAT Loopback to the Router. Without that, any request made to a website on the same external IP address will essentially be lost because the Internet can't return a request to the same IP it originated from. The NAT Loopback will occure in the router, redirecting the request to the appropriate Internal IP address (the webserver).

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