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rajchd asked 3 years ago


I am a new network admin seeking help in monitoring network traffic.

We have around 80-90 computers in our office, connected to internet through leased line connection with a static IP address. This is our networking flow

Internet <-- Leased line modem <-- D link router (DIR 600) <-- switch <-- computers I want to monitor the network traffic going in and out of our network. Please advice. Thanks Raj

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

You have several options. You could set one of the switch ports to "mirror" traffic, and then use network monitoring software like Wireshark (free).

There are appliances, devices designed expressly for this as well. They either connect to the same "mirrored" port I mention above, or they can sit "inline", sort of like a firewall. And some even *are* firewalls as well as monitoring appliances. I used a Palo Alto Networks PA-500 to do this at my last job. Very powerful.

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