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Mick asked 3 years ago


I have been having a problem with my internet recently, it wasn't working at all so I called up a technician from my isp. He changed the settings and updated the firmwire of my modem. Since then my internet is working fine but suddenly I am having disadvantage in all the games which I play. So I decided to do a test on, there I always get A grade or atleast B. But since that technician updated my firmwire and changed the settings the grade is always coming F. I googled this problem and I found that this is mostly caused because of a problem in line or modem, I checked the lines but all the lines are tightly connected. I suspect that this is a problem in my modem or something in the settings is causing this. My modem is a beetel 220 bx adsl +2 modem. Please help

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Mick

I'm guessing from what you've said that you are in the UK. It's 01:30 (the wee small hours) here in California. I think you'll have to wait for my colleagues to reply in the morning.

Off hand I can't think why there would be such a degradation in the performance of your setup. Have you tried calling/e-mailing the ISP about this?


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