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spooky asked 3 years ago

Hi guys

I'm signing-up to a IM service which requires all my interaction come through the same IP address (static or dynamic?, external or internal?) to comply with their TOS - or be banned from their service. I'd LIKE to earn some cash through this service but I MAY also be forced to move house soon and (from what I understand) that would mean a new ISP and IP address.

Is there some way I can establish a set IP address by which they can 'see' me but allows me to be more mobile? Is there some software or hardware (dongle) I can install/insert to use in/with MY desktop AND laptop computers?

I checked some of the 'proxy' server services but they all seem determined to aid users in remaining anonymous rather than allowing users to display a set IP address regardless of location.

As this IM service requires my IP address be 'visible' (for security reasons) I feel any IP service/software which 'anonymizes' would instantly negate their TOS - leaving me banned and (quite possibly) them withholding any income earned through my participation in their service.

Any serious replies will be appreciated.

Be seeing you; spooky

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question spooky.

IP addresses are assigned by a group called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). They assign the IP's in blocks that are not portable. The company that the IP's were assigned to can only reassign them down stream meaning an ISP in the US gets a block of IP's and can only reassign them to other companies in the US. They could not reassign them to a company in Germany for local use there.

I said all that so you would understand that when you move and get a new ISP, you will almost certainly be required to get a new IP. The IM company is fully aware of this so having your IP change from time to time should not be a problem as long as you keep them informed of the changes and possibly the reason for the changes. I think their TOS is suggesting that they don't want people using proxies and VPN's to mask their identity.

Most ISP's can assign static IP's but usually want to chagre monthly for the static service. Some ISP's can also provide a "sticky" IP that is simply assigned based on the MAC address of the modem so the IP will stay the same as long as you don't change the modem.

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