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viostout asked 3 years ago

Hello, I just registered. What people find out about my location/my PC has always bothered me, I was surprised for the 1st time when a website showed my PC model to me. Not like I do anything ileagal in the web 😉 ,just curious what info people can actually retrieve about me.
So Shall I start with the questions?:
1. So websites can find out my ip as well as my proxy ip and my city?
2. Websites can find out my PC model as well as my PC's resolution? (btw, any way to hide this?)
3. Websites can find out other websites I visit before them?
4. Is a MAC address available for ANY device? So people can find out that too? Why is there an IP address then?
Thats all I could remember fro now. Thank you for reading

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

When you connect on the internet, you always reveal your IP address - that's how the system works. You can obtain the physical address of the 'owner' of the IP address and this is usually the address of your ISP.

When you connect your browser to any web site, you always send 'headers' which provide additional information. In particular it provides your 'UserAgent' which is typically your browser type and version.

When the page is loaded by the browser, the page may contain JavaScript which can obtain more information about your computer, such as the screen resolution, the local time and time-zone. Most browsers offer a 'disable JavaScript' option.

In general, you don't reveal your browsing history. However, JavaScript can access your history and send that information back to the server. If you're concerned, then always restart your browser before you move to another site because JavaScript cannot read into 'dead' sessions.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can use a 'proxy'. The 'proxy' is between you and the server in which you are interested and will hide most of your informatation. The server will see the 'proxy' as the client - not you.

If you are worried about the amount of information being revealed, you have several options:
1) Don't use the internet.
2) Only use the internet from the public library.
3) If you use windows, make sure you have good anti-virus software on your machine. And purchase a maintenance contract to keep it up to date.
4) To remain anonymous, use a proxy server.

To answer you last question about MAC addresses. Every network device (your network card) has a unique MAC and is known to the server. However the internet works using IP addresses. I suppose it might be possible to reconstruct the internet to operate on the MAC address. I suspect that the initial internet design (30 to 40 years ago) only had IP addresses, and MAC addresses appeared later on in the development of the internet.


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