Ifrit asked 4 years ago

hey well this is like my only chance because my isp is really stupid -.- anyways my question / problem is on Firefox / IE / msn i cant go to any site at all or log on msn yep i have a connection because i can ping and log onto games.. the only sites i am allowed on are this one and Google.... no much help for me . a buddy of mine said it might be that my computer cant resolve the DNS servers that im obtaining auto-m from my ISP, so he said try some free dns servers but i cant get to any because out my current condition. i was hoping some one could A: spin me list of free dns server or B: be like i no whats wrong do this, this, this, BAM! all done 🙂 lol thx for any help given.

2 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

does this take you to msn.com?

andyroo answered 4 years ago

this is google.com ip this will alow you to not use the dns to look for google try this also

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