lost cause?

jinxedalot asked 3 years ago

so i got a nasty email from someone acting anonymous. havnt a clue who they are. so anyways i wrote the email down so i had it to hand incase i thought of anything i could do about it. next day i tried to open my account and it had been attacked by a key logger or whatever they are called. so i cant access my old account. i still have this email. is there any way (free) i can find out who owns it? or find out anything about this email? it must be someone i know as they knew details about me so im sure its not a phishing scam. is it a lost cause trying to locate this emails origin? ive had a rough week and this just made me boil over. cheers if anyone can help.

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

My only real suggestion would be to contact the police. I would guess they have a cyber-crimes division. Through the legal process they can possibly determine who sent the email or at least where it was sent from.

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