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lrubin28 asked 3 years ago

Boring topic I know, but after 10 days trying to fix this...

I have 3 pcs. The 2 laptops connect fine. Suddenly the desktop, which was wired to the router/modem stopped connecting to the net. I thought it was the integrated adapter (HP Pavillion). I bought a wireless adapter, but same problem. I tested the adapter on another pc and it works fine.

I have done netsh winsock reset dozens of times. Have reset router dozens of times. IPCONFIG/ALL shows the wireless router, but with a 169.x.x.x IP. I manually went into the ipv4 properties and told it to use I've turned off every firewall type program I can find, although my kids do use some peer 2 peer but I think they are all off.

Can anyone please suggest anything else? I know its not the router or the adapter. ARGGGHHHHHH!!

Frustrated in Boston

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Yep....I suspect something they've downloaded from the peer to peer has messed you up.

Download Spyware Doctor from one of your other computers, stick it on a thumb drive and install it on the problem PC and run a full scan.

Since you've manually assigned the IP and still got nowhere, even with an alternate NIC, we can pretty much rule out hardware.

I would also disconnect the machine from the network until you scan and clean the system.

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