Locate Stolen Laptop

elisham asked 3 years ago

Last week Monday some bastard stole my laptop from the boot of my car. With only 50% backup and the missus about to kill me as I hadn't backed up pictures of the kids I thought I must at least exhaust every option before giving up. Anyway on the 18/11/14 at 12:10am the person switched it on and connected it to the net. I have his IP -Some lookups say Sevenoaks, others say North London. Is there a way to accurately identify?

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, Elisham.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Geolocation can be a messy business for trying to be that exact. It's mostly based on registration data. If the IP you see is registered to a company in one city, but serves customers in another city, then you're going to see the company's location, not the end user.

If you go through proper legal channels, the courts might compel the ISP to reveal the registered address of the user.

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