Localisation w/o Gps

Bogdan Bink asked 3 weeks ago

hi everyone,
when I disconnect  my iPhone from my home WiFi , keep my cellular data on and look for my position inside my flat without any satellite in view (by activating geolocalisation of my iPhone), Plans by Apple, GoogleMap by Google and other mapping software will display a map with a blue dot therefore locating me. 
Question: where does Apple and others get the information needed to spot the blue dot? Who is triangulating me : my ISP ? Apple? Others? If my ISP, then Apple has got to buy the Latitude and longitude data from them! Or does someone buy the coordinates of my IP address? From who? 
Any clue will be helpful. Thank you. 

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Your mobile provider is able to triangulate your position. This was put in place years ago so if you call emergency services, they'll be able to find your general location. If you disable your cellular services and disable wifi, you location shouldn't show up.

Bogdan Bink answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Wimiadmin.
Thanks for taking the time to answer.
By mobile provider, you mean not the manufacturer of the mobile smartphone but the telecommunication company which is the only one who knows which antennas I am connected to (in order to triangulate my position.) ? Right?
Cheers and pardon my english.

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

That’s correct. Your telecommunications company is the one who can triangulate your location.

Bogdan Bink answered 3 weeks ago

Great. Thanks again.

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